• Tourists traveling in Europe are increasingly renting convenient Kick Electric scooters. Whether in Vienna, Barcelona, Rome or Paris, European regulations for Kick Electric scooters on the road are different in Vienna, Barcelona, Rome or Paris. Tourists must understand the local regulations in advance to avoid unnecessary disputes.


  • Electric scooters are called low-carbon means of transportation. The power consumption per hundred kilometers is about one degree


  • I don't know if you've ever been stuck on a commuter. Anyway, uncle Che does. Every time there's a traffic jam, uncle Che looks enviously at the electric scooter that flies by the side of the road. High portability and low maintenance cost also make electric vehicle become the first choice for more and more people. When you get to your destination, you can easily fold them up and carry them easily. So today, uncle Che will talk about how to choose this electric scooter.


  • 1.People with cars, in many densely populated cities, they feel traffic jams when traveling to work, and finding parking spaces is a mess. kick electric scooter is a small transportation tool, light weight, portable folding are its advantages. Long-distance commuting to work is similar to other people riding a tram, but it is compact and convenient and more convenient.