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Introduction of Adjustable Electric Scooter

8.5 inch wheel Adjustable Electric Scooter For Adults with 30 kilometers long battery life, automobile-powered lithium battery, six intelligent protections.

High-rate and high-power power supply, safe and durable performance. Creative lithium battery pole design, good waterproof performance, safe riding all the way in rainy weather, high chassis, strong passability, not easy to damage the battery and cause obstacles, the pedal can support washing.
Adjustable Electric Scooter
Flip, fold, and clamp.

Adjustable Electric Scooter For Adults can be folded in 3 simple steps.

Just flip the folding lever down to fold, and the scooter bell will be stuck on the latch of the rear wheel. The compact and safe folding design is very suitable for storing the electric scooter in the home, office or car trunk.

1) Front e-brake, rear foot brake

2) 3 speed level (20KM/30KM/35KM)

3) Foldable handlebar, adjustable height

4) Colorful LCD display to show the scooter speed/mileage/condition

5) App function