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The practicality of foldable electric scooters


With the rapid development of cities and the continuous improvement of economic levels, urban traffic congestion and environmental pollution have become more and more serious, making people miserable.


Foldable electric scooter is a new generation of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and portable transportation tools. It is favored by young consumers for its compactness, fashion, convenience, economy, practicality, environmental protection and safety.


The foldable electric scooter can travel 12 kilometers after charging for 2 hours. The internal control is controlled by an intelligent sensor program to ensure safety while considering driving speed. Short-distance transportation is very convenient, fast and safe, and can replace buses, subways and other means of transportation.


Foldable electric scootes have replaced bicycles and electric cars to a certain extent. This is the development of fashion trends. The rise of electric scooters is bound to trigger a new transportation revolution.