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Causes of steering failure of electric scooters


Electric scooters have now become a practical means of transportation, and many people are also favored by consumers because they are easy to carry, effortless, and flexible.


Regarding a problem encountered by electric scooters that is more troublesome for customers, many customers sometimes feel that the steering is not particularly flexible or the steering cannot be turned when using electric scooters, and sometimes they can barely rotate by borrowing external force This is a big obstacle for customers to use, in fact, it is related to the bearing in the lever of the electric scooter.

 Electric scooter

When the bearing is too tight, the lever of the electric scooter cannot be rotated freely, which will cause the problem of inflexible or inflexible steering that customers say. If you need to adjust the tightness, you need to unscrew the screws on the upper part of the lever (the position of the screw is the position of the red circle in the figure), remove the lever held by your hand, and then use the relative tool to loosen the bearing. Don't be too anxious during the loosening process , And try to see whether the steering can be turned normally while loosening, and there is no need to loosen the bearing when it can be turned normally.


If the customer does not have the corresponding tools, he can contact the car shop to inquire how to deal with it. If the customer looses the bearing in an incorrect way, it may damage the electric scooter and also affect the service life and warranty period of the electric scooter.