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The difference between electric scooter and self-balancing scooter

4. Speed

Electric scooters have two wheels. Similar to electric scooters, the acceleration and braking devices are controlled manually. The correction is more direct, so the reasonable shift speed will be higher. However, for safety reasons, the speed of electric scooters is generally 20km/h is appropriate, more than this speed is prone to dangerous situations.

Although a unicycle self-balancing vehicle can theoretically achieve a wider displacement speed, based on safety considerations, manufacturers usually control its speed within 20 kilometers per hour, so the actual speed difference in the middle is not actually It's very obvious.
Electric scooter
Electric scooters and self-balancing vehicles, as two different types of portable transportation tools, are also very similar in functional positioning.

In fact, in actual use, the two types of products are not significantly different in portability, battery life, and speed. In terms of passability and speed, self-balancing vehicles have more advantages than electric scooters, while electric scooters are accommodating Preliminary self-balancing car in terms of power and portability.

Consumers should choose according to their actual use. If it is used as a city travel tool, there are actually too many differences. Both electric scooters and self-balancing vehicles can be used as choices.