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What makes electric scooters a short-range transportation tool?


How to easily solve short-distance travel problems? Shared bicycles? Electric car? car? Or a new type of electric scooter? Careful friends will find that small and portable electric scooters have become the first choice of many young people. Then why are more and more young people choosing electric scooters?


1. Modeling

The most common shape of an electric scooter is the L-shape. The integrated frame structure is designed in a minimalist style. The handlebars can be designed to be curved or straight. The steering column and handlebars are generally about 70°, which can show the curvaceous beauty of combined assembly. After being folded, the electric scooter has a "line-shaped" structure, which on the one hand can present a simple and beautiful folded structure, and on the other hand, it is easy to carry.


2. Portable:

The size of the electric scooter is generally small, and the body is generally made of aluminum alloy. It has the characteristics of light and portable. Compared with the electric bicycle, the electric scooter can be easily installed in the trunk of the car, or carried on the subway, bus, etc. It can be used in combination with other means of transportation, which is very convenient.

 electric scooter

3. Environmental protection:

 It can meet the needs of low-carbon travel. Compared with cars, there is no need to worry about urban traffic jams and parking difficulties.


4. High economy:

Electric scooters use lithium batteries for power, long batteries and low energy consumption.


5. High efficiency:

 Electric scooters generally use permanent magnet synchronous motors or brushless DC motors. The motors have high output, high efficiency and low noise. The maximum speed can reach more than 20km/h, which is much faster than shared bicycles.