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How to judge the quality of electric scooters?

In order to meet the needs of people for short-distance transportation, more and more transportation tools appear in people's lives, such as electric motorcycles, folding electric bicycles, electric scooters, self-balancing vehicles and other new products emerge in endlessly, and in these transportation tools , Electric scooters have become popular products nowadays. So when consumers choose electric scooters, how do they choose electric scooters? How to judge the quality of electric scooters, the following are several evaluation indicators for choosing electric scooters:

Wheels: The wheels are mostly made of PU shock-absorbing rubber. If the frequency of use is not too much (about twice a week), it is best to change it every six months. If the frequency of use is frequent (about 5 times a week), it is best to change it every 3 months. Electric skateboard wheels at a time.
Pedal: Inferior electric scooter pedals can withstand low weight. Adults will bend as soon as they step on. The pedal bends enough to affect the structure of the scooter, so that the player cannot handle it or even cause danger. The general safety pedal can bear 110 kg The following weight.
Electric Scooters
Spring: Adding springs to the wheels is an improved design of the latest electric scooter, which can assist the operator in completing difficult movements and also help the stability of the body

Handrail: The sponge has shock-absorbing effect and has the function of absorbing sweat and anti-skid. Inferior handrail sponges are more easily damaged.

Brake: The brake is set on the top of the rear wheel. Before buying, you should use your foot to check whether the brake of the electric scooter can move freely, and it is best to match the correct posture when playing.

I will share with you how to judge the quality of electric scooters today. Electric scooters are beautiful in appearance, easy to operate, and because of the low seat center of gravity, driving is safer. In the near future, electric scooters will become a popular trend and will inevitably set off a new trend.