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Which is more practical, electric unicycle or electric scooter?

Electric unicycles and electric scooters are now loved by many young people, because they can effectively avoid city congestion and are suitable for short-distance travel.
Electric scooters can be a fast and fun way of transportation, which provides a reliable way to travel, especially during a pandemic, when many people may wish to avoid public transportation.

1. Security

Regardless of whether it is an electric unicycle or an electric scooter, safety is one of the most important.

If you are buying electric unicycles and electric scooters from regular large factories, driving accidents caused by quality problems will generally not happen, so the factors that affect safety on the road are often unexpected events. When encountering emergencies, what needs to be compared is the braking of the car. For an electric unicycle, it controls the direction of the body through the center of gravity, and the brakes are also based on the center of gravity. The braking of electric scooters is realized manually. Relatively speaking, the safety of electric scooters will be higher.

2. Passability

Generally speaking, the larger the size of the wheel hub, the larger the tire contact surface, the lower the slip angle due to the deformation of the tire belly when the car is turning, the higher the pointing accuracy of the vehicle and the faster the response. , And the richer the information conveyed from the road to the driver, the more direct the control and the better the passability.

Electric unicycles use large wheels, not only can cross-country on complex mountain paths, but also can easily pass the highest speed bumps encountered in daily life, and can directly press on the hurdles of ordinary sidewalks. The tires of electric scooters are relatively poor in passability, but they are sufficient for ordinary urban travel.
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3. Interesting

Now that it talks about passability, let's add more fun. The electric unicycle performs well in passability, so its control method can also play a lot of fancy movements, and its fun is self-evident. The product positioning of electric scooters is closer to practical vehicles, and fun is not the starting point for the design of such products. Therefore, if you want to have fun and play yourself, an electric unicycle is of course the best choice.

4. Portability

Among the products with a range of 10-15 kilometers, the electric unicycle is generally about 11kg, and the volume is small. Many of the current electric scooters support folding and are relatively easy to carry (this design should also be paid special attention when purchasing, and electric scooters with folding functions are much more convenient). If you run out of power and your electric unicycle has a push rod, it will be as easy to carry as an electric scooter