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Vapaa Moped Electric Scooters show a different personal style and show your charm!


The vapaa Moped Electric Scooter is equipped with 1.5W high-brightness LED headlights to increase the safety of riding at night. Ride on a vapaa Moped Electric Scooter. The vapaa electric scooter can be folded and unfolded with one button, and its net weight is about 12.5kg. It can be easily pulled and carried with one hand, allowing you to travel with confidence. The folded vapaa electric scooter can be easily put into the trunk of the car, and takes up a small space. Let it be the resident traveler in the trunk of your car and accompany you to appreciate the changing seasons.

 Moped Electric Scooter

The vapaa Moped Electric Scooter adopts the front and rear double spring shock absorption system and the ergonomic curved pedal design, which makes the riding feel comfortable and can relieve riding fatigue. The large-diameter non-inflatable solid tires eliminate the trouble of maintenance. At the same time, the double braking of the electric brake and mechanical brake ensures that the braking distance is within 4 meters at a speed of 20km/h, making every ride safe.