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Take you to understand Vappa Electric Scooter Fast Charger (1)


The size of the Vapaa Electric Scooter Fast Charger is 108cm long, 43cm wide, and its net weight is only 12.5kg. After folding, the height is reduced to 48mm. It is more than enough to put in the trunk of the car. Boys can also go up and down the stairs with one hand. Girls may have to work harder and can walk elevator.


The Vapaa Electric Scooter Fast Charger is equipped with 8.5-inch front and rear pneumatic tires and wear-resistant anti-skid wheels. The integrated die-casting molding effectively protects the internal brushless DC motor.

 Electric Scooter Fast Charger

The unique folding buckle design is exactly the same as the Mijia Qiji electric-assisted folding bicycle. It only needs one click and one button to achieve fast folding in 3 seconds.


The pedal is pasted with a non-slip pad on the surface of the frosted alloy to ensure that the foot does not slip during riding. At the same time, the Vapaa logo printed here is also low-key enough.


The maximum torque of the Vapaa Electric Scooter Fast Charger motor is 16N·m, the rated momentum is 250W, and the instantaneous maximum power can reach 500W. The maximum speed is 25km/h (18km/h in energy-saving mode).