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Super practical cold knowledge of Adult Electric Scooters, how much do you know?


Why is it said that traveling with Adult Electric Scooters will be more environmentally friendly?

Adult Electric Scooters are called low-carbon vehicles. Because Adult Electric Scooters consume little power for hundreds of kilometers, and there will be no exhaust pollution, using scooters to travel is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Can Adult Electric Scooters be taken on the subway, train, plane (checked)?

Policies in different regions are often slightly different. When you may buy, the product description can be brought on the subway, train, and airplane, but you still have to check the relevant local regulations and the relevant standards implemented by the station. Some cities prohibit electric vehicles from entering subway stations. Moreover, the current high-speed rail regulations do not prohibit the carrying of scooters. In theory, the vehicles can be carried if they are properly packed. Due to the battery, general scooters cannot be checked on the plane.

Adult Electric Scooter

How to replace Adult Electric Scooter tires?

Generally speaking, the rear tire of a scooter will be better removed than the front tire. You only need to loosen the screws, take out the original skateboard wheel set and replace it with a pneumatic tire or a non-pneumatic tire, and then put it back on the scooter.

The front wheel of the scooter often carries a wire connected to the motor, which is relatively more cumbersome. It is often necessary to find the wire connected to the motor, stretch it or unplug it from the plug and replace it with a new tire.