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Do you really understand electric scooters?


Do you know about electric scooters? Do you know how much it has and how many functions it has? Let me explain in detail to you.

The body of the electric scooter is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, with a net weight of 12.5Kg and a load of up to 100Kg. So girls with little strength don't have to worry about being too heavy to hold, and tall boys don't have to worry about being overweight.

The most important thing about going out is convenience. The unique folding buckle design only requires one click and one press, and it can be folded quickly in 3 seconds.

The electric scooter adopts an integrated brushless DC motor with a service life of 3000 hours, a rated power of 250W, and a maximum speed of 25km/h. It can last up to 30 kilometers on a single charge. Supports energy-saving, normal, and sports three gears with adjustable power. Adopt LG high-safety 18650 power lithium battery, high power supply, safe and durable.

electric scooters

And don't be afraid to walk at night, there are super bright headlights to escort the night. At the rear of the electric scooter, there is a bright red warning light that will accompany you forward in the dark. When you press the brake lever on weekdays, it will flash continuously to remind pedestrians and vehicles behind.

This electric scooter also has a front and rear dual brake system, making it safe to ride at night.

Equipped with a ventilated disc brake system and an E-ABS anti-lock brake system, it can achieve efficient braking and rapid response. The braking distance is as short as 4 meters, making riding safer and more worry-free.

Shenzhen Xiangyou Technology Co., Ltd. has ten years of experience in making electric scooters and has a professional production team.