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How to buy Kid electric scooters


Kid electric scooter is a kind of somatosensory bike that exercises people's balance ability. From small to large, we can find that there are some people walking with crutches around us because of insufficient balance. Nowadays, there are many kinds of kid electric scooters in the market, and many groups of adults and children like to use them, especially children who love novel things. However, it takes a little thought to choose a kid electric scooter based on the child's age and actual situation.

So what elements should be considered when buying a kid electric scooter for children? Let's take a look at it together:

1. Tires

1. There are many different sizes of tires, such as 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. The suggestion for children is to choose a slightly smaller size. Large wheels are relatively faster. Smaller wheels are slower but lower in height. It is better for children.

2. Try to choose solid tires and use non-inflation. For children, although a toy should be liked, it is relatively labor-saving, and it can also prevent the occurrence of tire blowouts and eliminate the need to inflate the tires.

Kid electric scooter

2. Weight

The weight must be as light as possible. If it is too heavy, the child will have a hard time getting the car, after all, the child has limited energy. And if the child is struggling when moving the bike, he will lose interest when he rides and plays.

Three, riding space

When buying a car, you should also consider the size of your child. The balance bike should not be too wide, because too wide will make the child's span larger and it is not very convenient to ride. Too narrow, although forward and backward is not affected, but the steering operation will be less flexible. By riding a balance bike, you can slide your legs better, and also achieve a certain effect of exercising the whole body muscles.

Then, with a certain understanding, I believe that parents will have certain standards in their hearts when choosing a kid electric scooter for their children.