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Knowledge of electric scooter

01 Why is electric scooter a new energy source?
Electric scooters are called low-carbon means of transportation. The power consumption per hundred kilometers is about one degree, and the carbon dioxide emission is 0.96 grams, which is lower than the per capita carbon dioxide emissions of motorcycles, automobiles and even buses.

02 What are the requirements for cyclists?

The electric scooter is suitable for the height of 130-200cm, the maximum load is 100kg, and it can not be drunk driving. Children under 14 years old should be accompanied by their parents.

03 What mentality is the electric scooter taking the motorway?
Due to the low riding threshold of electric scooters, unlike cars, motorcycles have driver's license; moreover, not only electric scooters, electric vehicles, bicycles, even pedestrians will have the behavior of taking the motorway; the management strength and consciousness are weak, which needs the joint advocacy and compliance of the management department, manufacturers, businesses, cyclists, etc., and hope to standardize it as soon as possible.

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04 Can the electric scooter be taken to the subway, train or plane?

Due to the different policies in different regions, it is necessary to consult the relevant local departments in advance. During product testing, electric scooters are allowed to be carried by subway and train, and it may be relatively troublesome to check in by plane; the specific details need to be consulted with the relevant local departments.

05 Where is the main innovation of electric scooter development?

As a small vehicle, electric scooter has made some innovation in folding, practicality and appearance. The light weight breakthrough, simple geometry design, aluminum alloy body and other aspects are constantly improved and innovated.
Finally, for the electric scooter, the motor battery, body material quality, tires, weight, motor control mode, speed limit, folding mode, test certificate, etc. can be paid attention to when purchasing